Q&A Spiritual Exercises with Mark Lewis, S.J.

Mark Lewis, S.J.

0:28 min


What Fascinates you About Ignatian Spirituality? How did you Find God’s Will?

3:20 min


How do I know the will of God? How do I make a good decision?

2:52 min


The Discernment of Spirits

– How do I find God’s Will?

– How do I Find my Vocation? The Challenge of Conversion.

– Can I Deceive Myself in Finding God’s Will?

10:34 min


What are the Rules of Thinking With the Church in the Spiritual Exercises?

2:11 min


Consolation and Desolation in the Spiritual Exercises

– Application in Spiritual Practice and in Prayer

3:47 min


Are all Pleasant Feelings Consolation? If not, What is the Difference?

1:22 min


What is Longing? How do I Find out What I am Longing for?

2:43 min


What is Christian Humility? - The Three Degrees of Humility

3:55 min


Are the Spiritual Exercises for Everyone?

3:04 min


To What Extent was the Identity of the Jesuits formed by the Spiritual Exercises?

2:48 min


The Spiritual Exercises and the Mission of the Jesuits

4:36 min


Were the Jesuits Founded as a Teaching Order?

2:39 min


The Jesuits - The First International Religious Order?

3:13 min


Music and the Performing Arts in the Context of the Spiritual Exercises

3:51 min


Architecture, Especially Baroque, in the Context of the Spiritual Exercises

5:10 min


Why Ignatius did not Want That Jesuits Became Bishops?

3:09 min